Garden Boxes

The Hope Garden has seventy-two raised garden boxes available for rent including twenty-four that are ADA compliant. The boxes are 4’x8’ giving you a growing space that produces enough food for approximately 8 to 10 people on a regular basis while in production

How to Register:

Fill out the following and mail, email, or drop by the Pantry:
Individual Registration Form
Sponsor Registration Form

Call 505-726-8068, email, or visit The Community Pantry at 1130 Hassler Valley Road in Gallup to register for and select your box – the cost is $75.00.

Donations can be made in person or over the phone. Come to the Hope Garden to grow your veggies! Garden staff and tools are available 8am-5pm Monday through Friday but you are welcome to visit your box at any time!

What You Get:

For $75 you get: A Garden box 4’X 8’ in size, all the water needed for the growing season, and all the education needed beginning with box preparation, planting, care for the box, harvesting, and seasonal prep. If you are a frequent renter, you get first pick of your box year after year. You will have access to the mulch pile, compost pile, and manure pile. A garbage container will also be available for discarded debris. If needed, use of our basic gardening tools during garden open hours of 7am to 4pm will be available. 

Sponsorship Program:

We recognize that the price of our garden boxes is not a reality for many of our cherished community members. With this in mind, we offer a sponsored box program that is available on a first come first serve basis. These boxes have been paid for by sponsors in the community to allow this growing opportunity to be available to everyone. Please contact Hope Garden with questions regarding these boxes.

Other Information:

Growing Season: Garden Box growing season runs from April 1st to Oct 31st.

Open Hours: The Hope Garden is open sun up to sun down, 7 days a week, for your convenience and schedule flexibility! Garden staff are available for any and all assistance when needed.  If you find yourself needing assistance during non-operating hours, please call during the day to make those arrangements.

Box Assignments: Boxes are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. Returning gardeners have first choice of their own box.

Walk Ways: Each box is surrounded by walkways making it more accessible for everyone. Keeping the walkways free of all debris helps everyone.

Water Lines: Each box is provided with a water spout at the head of the box. All digging within the box should be 5 inches from the head of the box.

Water: The water used for the raised garden boxes comes from the City of Gallup, which is why we have the charge of $75.00 per growing season.

Gates: There is one public access gate into the garden located at the North east corner of the raised garden beds. This gate is available sun up to sun down for your convenience but we ask that you close it before you leave the parking lot.

Children: We encourage you to bring your children, grandchildren, neighborhood children, so that they may experience the beauty, tranquility, and the sense of being one with nature. We do ask that children be accompanied by adults.

Pets: We ask that pets be kept at home for their own safety and the security of others involved in the gardening process.

Vacations/travel time: If you find yourself needing to go out of town for any reason, we do not want your garden box to wilt away any more than you do. Please contact us here at the Hope Garden to let us know you will not be able to attend to your box. We will be more than happy to take care of your box at that time. Please know that whatever we harvest from your box during your time of absence will be used for community purposes.

Time: Please allow yourself enough time in our garden area to relax and enjoy yourself. Bring a speaker to listen to your music respectfully. Enjoy the sunshine and the company you are with. You are more than welcome to picnic under the gazebo during your gardening time.

Education: The garden team will be more than happy to assist you with organically removing and ridding your garden box of any unwanted pests.

Chemicals: The Hope Garden is known for being organic and prides itself on not using chemicals to enhance unhealthy growth.

Un-worked boxes: If we find a box not being attended on a regular bases, we will work that box for the convenience, safety and cleanliness of the garden are for all the other renters.

Garden Goals: It is our goal to have community participation with education and student learning opportunities. Please contact us with any ideas!

Other questions, comments or concerns?  Call 505-726-8068, email, or visit The Community Pantry at 1130 Hassler Valley Road in Gallup.