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Current Projects

We are currently converting old windows into cold frames boxes for our garden! These frames will give us a head start on the growing season by allowing us to start seedlings as early as February.

Material list: old windows, wood, paint, soil

This has been a dream for the garden since Jim Harlin started it. We plan to build a chicken coop into the preexisting rock berm in the south west corner of our property. Chickens provide numerous ecosystem services including pest control, quality manure, education opportunities and most deliciously, fresh eggs! Our goal is to start with ten to fifteen chickens that will be moved to different areas of the garden using a chicken tractor and housed in the chicken coop overnight to keep them safe from predators.

Material list: cement, stucco, t-posts , use of a backhoe for a few hours, feeders, waterers, sun lamps, wood, chicken wire, straw, heater

The Hope Garden has six hoop houses in operation. These hoop houses are integral to our growing process and keep our plants safe from New Mexico’s harsh climate. Over the years of hot summers and cold winters their plastic coverings have begun to degrade and tear leaving our crops exposed. Our goal is to one-by-one purchase and install new coverings and doors to keep our plants happy and fertile.

Material list: hoop house plastic

Gallup is home to so many talented artists! We want the Hope Garden to be a reflection of our community and give artists the opportunity to display their work. We have so many spaces and surfaces in the garden that have the potential for beautification. Incorporating artwork into our Garden will provide free advertising for the artist through features on our website and social media, while making our garden a better representation of the talent and history of Gallup.

Material: paint, wood, painting materials (buckets, paint brushes, rollers, etc)