Community Compost

This program provides a pick up and drop off composting system for community members! With landfills posing an increasing threat to our environment we want to provide a safe and easy way to reduce food waste! 

The program not only provides The Hope Garden with much needed biomatter to use on crops, but more importantly, welcomes community members to use our garden facilities with hands-on involvement in our growing process. 

Community members wishing to participate will register and receive a 2gal or 5gal bucket (depending on family size) to collect kitchen food scraps. Members can drop off their bucket at any point during business hours and receive an empty bucket to continue collecting kitchen scraps in.

Items accepted in compost 

o   Uncooked fruit (except for citrus) and vegetable scraps 
o   Egg shells 
o   Coffee grounds 
o   Cardboard 
o   Scrap paper/newspaper 

Items not accepted in compost 

o   Meat 
o   Dairy 
o   Grains
o   Cooking oils
o   Pet waste
o   Citrus

We also accept yard waste (leaves and grass clippings, no weeds please)! Keep in mind that the Hope Garden is an organically growing garden and anything going in our compost must be pesticide, herbicide, and fungicide free. Please call us if you have questions about your yard waste or compost meeting theses guidelines.

If you are interested in participating in this program please fill out the registration form and contact or visit The Community Pantry Hope Garden to return it and collect your bucket.

Phone: 505-726-8068 | Email: | Address: 1130 Hasler Valley Road in Gallup.