WholeHearted Food Fund

The mission of the Wholehearted Food Fund is to provide local meat protein sources to The Community Pantry in Gallup, New Mexico, while assisting financially strapped local farmers and ranchers with a viable channel of distribution for their livestock. By providing services for donors to purchase animals and fund USDA inspected processing, packaging, and delivery to The Community Pantry, a single donation will not only help supply The Community Pantry but also aid local farmers and ranchers and supporting businesses.

Over the past two years, we have heard many stories from struggling families and livestock producers. Their stories highlight some challenges faced by New Mexico’s disadvantaged families; the dream of affording to feed themselves while holding onto their way of life. Behind every story is a dream, and behind this dream is a sense of hope and belief that reducing hunger in New Mexico is possible. An idea that here, in America, anything is possible with compassion, generosity, and determination. This fall & winter 2022/23 GoFundMe fundraising campaign aims to provide The Community Pantry in Gallup, NM with approximately 30,000 healthy meat servings sourced from local New Mexican ranches and small farms.

How This Works:

    • A New Mexico stockman raises lamb, pork, or beef.
    • Talus Wind Ranch serves as a source and the conduit for a donor or group to purchase an animal.
    • The animal is harvested and processed under USDA inspection. All product is packaged into a user-friendly 1-5 pound packages of ground or cubed meat for distribution.
    • The processed product is delivered to a New Mexico food pantry. Donors then receive a tax deductible receipt from the The Community Pantry.

Through donor contributions, livestock is purchased directly from the ranchers, while processing and packaging fees are paid to a local, small independent, USDA-inspected facility. Product is delivered directly to The Community Pantry to support New Mexico families, including tribal nations, and individuals depending on these sources of protein. An average beef can provide 570 pounds of meat, a hog can provide 140 pounds, and a lamb can provide 34 pounds. A single serving, defined as 5.5 ounces, means a cow provides the protein for 1,625 meals, a hog 400, and a lamb 97.

You can help!

Your support is needed. Since 2009, Talus Wind Heritage Meats has collaborated with donors and New Mexico ranchers to supply food pantries with premium quality meat. Whether it be with beef, pork or lamb, we strengthen the local food chain by removing the barriers that historically prevented local ranchers from providing a viable means to feed hungry underserved communities.