Our Hope Garden was founded in 2009. It features several acres of land for growing produce, and a multitude of “hoop houses”. Our Hoop houses are covered areas used for vegetables and herbs during the growing season.

The Community Pantry Hope Garden has taken huge strides in Gallup and surrounding areas in New Mexico to promote self-sustainability and healthy living through the demonstration gardens on site. These sites are broken down into their own projects: the community raised beds, three growing areas, orchard and rock berm, the hoop houses and onsite Farm Stand.

The Community Raised Beds

A community member or an organization can rent a 4′ X 8′ raised bed from the Hope Garden for a one season membership of $75.00. Currently we are running a two-season system. We have 12 beds that are wheelchair accessible for individuals who are wheelchair-bound and 12 beds for clients unable to bend over easily. The other 48 beds are 9″ raised off the ground. All 72 beds have their own water faucet. This has become a great place to come learn and meet new people who share a common interest!

Hoop Houses

Currently the Hope Garden has six of these that are year-round. These demonstrate how season extenders are used in short season areas. The hoop houses produce vegetables and greens even in the winter without the use of carbon-based energy.

Gardens, Orchards & Berm

These are the “productive” areas of the Hope Garden, with fruit and nut trees, berries, asparagus beds, fields of corn, squash, beans, pumpkins and grains. Although not organically certified, there are no non-organic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides used in the gardens. To promote sustainability a system of crop rotation is in place to control pests and avoid soil nutrient depletion. We strive through experimentation to improve on our agricultural heritage.

Farmer’s Market

In the summer of 2013, the Hope Garden started showcasing our produce at the downtown walkway in Gallup, New Mexico. Since our debut, the Hope Garden has grabbed the attention of the surrounding areas, including the Zuni and Navajo Reservations. Currently we offer a wide variety of vegetables to the Gallup and the surrounding areas. Since we have opened a Farm stand here at The Community Pantry, Open 5 days a week. 8am to 5pm. Closed for lunch from 12pm to 1pm.